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Aluminum Allow Phone Mount

Aluminum Allow Phone Mount

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1. Durable, sturdy, and safe. This phone holder is made of Aluminum alloy. 5 claws are designed to better fix your phone.
2. Easy to use. Adjustments are easily made by tightening or loosening the screws with a tool.
3. Adjustable. The scalable width is 55-95mm, fit for 2.17''-3.74'' wide mobile phone or phone with a case. Widely compatible with many cell phone like iphone 13/13 pro, iphone 14/14 pro, or other smartphones and GPS
4. Support for taking photo/music play/navigation/video recording,etc.


Weight: 6.03 oz
Material: Aluminum alloy
Applicable Handlebar Size: 22.2-31.8mm (0.87-1.25 inches)
Holding Phone Width: 55-95mm (2.17-3.74 inches

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